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What Is Home Automation?

We know you don't like to leave your home dark while you're away on vacation, but you also don't want to increase your electric bill by leaving your lights on while you are away. While at work, on vacation or anytime you are away from your home, you can control what happens inside your home with a home automation package. Home automation is, in a sense, making your home a 'smart home'. It allows you to control your home via smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere.

Barrier Security has many systems, many of which allow you to turn appliances or lights on or off from your smartphone while you're out and about. We offer completely connected system enabling seamless automation across your video, security and energy management systems. How convenient is that? Now your home can adjust automatically from anywhere!

Key Benefits of Home Automation

There are many benefits of home automation. Te biggest? Peace of mind while you are away from your home, whether you are at the grocery store or across the country. You never have to wonder if you remembered to lock the doors or if you turned the heat down. You can simply do it via smartphone, computer or tablet.

Here are some other key benefits of home automation provided by Barrier Security:

  • • Automatically lock the door when

    your system's armed

  • • Home lighting adjustments

    throughout the day

  • • Reduce energy waste with

    smart schedules

  • • Get an image alert whenever the

    from door opens

  • • Protect your business with

    automatic systems arming


Do you think home automation is right for you and your family?

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