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There are many types of security systems. One of them being an environmental security system, which can help you protect your home or business from environmental strains. These can be set to monitor doors and windows, but they can also detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, freezing temperatures, and rising water. Systems commonly include alarm verification technology that greatly reduces the chance of false alarms. Prior to authorities being dispatched, operators use audio verification to be in contact at the alarm location. If the alarm is accidental, the user can cancel the alarm by providing an authorization code.

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Do you want to make sure your home or business is protected from environmental hazards? We offer free site evaluations and would love to discuss security options that would work best for you. We have a variety of environmental security packages from you to choose from, depending on home size, budget and features.

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Make sure your home or business is protected from not only criminals, but also from environmental hazards.

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